Dentures Niles, IL When people begin to lose their teeth, they start to worry about their appearance. Tooth loss can do great damage not just to your confidence, but towards your health as well. Dental implants are a safe solution that is becoming increasingly more popular than dentures in Niles IL.

Your periodontist often recommends dental implants as a tooth replacement solution for various reasons. Implants are durable and withstand almost the same forces as natural dentition. Getting dental implants can be accomplished in the privacy of your dentist’s office. The titanium posts that are used to anchor the pontics have greater osseointegration potential compared to all other metals. This means that your alveolar tissue is least likely to treat it like a foreign body and reject it.

Removable and fixed bridges tend to cause trauma to the adjacent teeth which are used as anchorage. This often leads to weakening and breakdown. Using dental implants are also beneficial to the alveolar bone. If an area is not subject to regular masticatory forces due to tooth loss, the area will resorb. The patient will notice a drastic change in their profile. Resorption renders the area prone to breakage and fractures because it has lesser bone density.

Most importantly, dental implants are more aesthetically pleasing because they closely resemble natural teeth. There is no need to apply denture paste to keep implants in place. Unlike dentures, you won’t need to remove implants at night to prevent irritation of the gingiva. Many denture wearers worry about their appliance slipping or falling out, that is not the case with dental implants.

If the procedure is done properly by a provider who has expertise in the field of implant dentistry, the patient can enjoy the freedom of smiling without fear of embarrassment. Implants not only restore your occlusion, but also boost your self-confidence. Enjoy the cosmetic and health-related benefits that come with dental implants. Contact the office of Dr. Anasinski at 847-685-6686 to schedule your consultation.