Cosmetic Dentist Niles It’s easy to go to the dentist every 6 months for the routine cleaning, pray that the one or two times you’ve flossed will be enough, and breathe a sigh of relief when the dental hygienist didn’t find a cavity.

While not finding a cavity is truly a blessing, are you letting your mouth reach it’s full potential? Have you also considered that your smile could open doors to opportunity and make you more money?

Studies have shown that workers who are deemed attractive (ie take care of themselves) have higher confidence and increased wages. This is because society is biased to be under the spell of the “halo effect”. The “halo effect” is when someone takes a positive trait — such as attractiveness — and uses that as a proxy for the person’s whole personality.

What are the ways in which your dentist can improve your smile and help your earning potential?

One method is veneers, which can be done on all or some of your teeth. This relatively simple procedure can tremendously enhance your smile, giving you a whole new appearance. It involves creating a super thin, usually porcelain covering that is placed on the tooth in a very exact procedure.

There is also bonding which is done in a shorter amount of time and less comprehensive but also very effective. This is not generally applied to all the teeth, but only a certain portion of teeth or a single tooth as either a type of filling, to repair a crack, to strengthen teeth or to fill a gap..

There are of course dental implants of various types which have the effect of actually filling in sunken facial features due to missing teeth and giving a more youthful appearance.

These various procedures will be the subject of separate blog articles over the next few months so please check out our blog for more about these topics!

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