Checklist For Your Next Visit Having concerns written down can help

Ensure that your medical history is up to date

See how to improve for the next visit

While going to the dentist can be seen by some as a cause for getting nervous, being prepared can help put you in a good headspace. That way, your mood will be greatly improved when you walk into the waiting room and then into the exam room.

It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of preparation, either – but doing this will make life easier. What are some things that you should think about for your next visit to the dentist?

Be Prepared With Questions and Concerns

It’s best to write out anything that’s on your mind about the state of your teeth and gums before you go to the dentist’s office. Have you been having more bleeding than usual when you brush your teeth or when you floss? Are your teeth feeling more sensitive to hot or cold drinks? Does a particular area hurt?

Why should you write it out? People can get nervous before going to the dentist’s office and that may make you prone to forgetting and then have something happen that might have been avoided had the dentist or hygienist known about it beforehand. Transparency is a very key thing here to paving the path to a good dental visit.

Just write it out and refer to it if need be. You can always just hand it to them and have them read it and then answer any questions for you.

Make Sure Medical History Is Up-To-Date

If you have been seeing the same dentist for a long time, chances are good that they have all of your necessary medical records. They do see a lot of patients over the course of a year, so it’s not a bad idea to just reiterate these things before starting an exam or cleaning.

What should you go over? Tell them about any new medications you take or any changes in your condition. They may have to factor those in before starting. For example, you may have been diagnosed with diabetes. The dentist or hygienist may want you to get your blood sugar under control before cleaning since diabetes can affect your oral health and leave you prone to infections

See Where You Can Improve

Once the cleaning is finished, it won’t hurt to ask the dentist or hygienist about what you could do to make the next appointment go even more smoothly. They don’t know what you’re unfamiliar with. Do you have the correct method of brushing your teeth and flossing down pat or are you need of a primer? Don’t hesitate to inquire – these are professionals who will gladly help show you the proper techniques. They want you to have optimum oral health, after all.

If you are not sure what to ask, see if they have any observations that they may want to pass along. There is surely one bit of knowledge that they can give that will improve your habits.

Other things that you can do is make sure you are familiar with your dental plan so that you can plan any course treatment along with your dentist.

The staff at Dental Specialists of Niles wants every patient to walk out with a great smile. They will gladly communicate anything that will aid you in reaching that particular goal. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions at your next appointment.