Chewing Gum may be able to detect gum disease! Everyone has an opinion about chewing gum. It can either be a useful tool to combat bad breath, even assist in eliminating particles from your teeth that lead to cavities, or to some it may be a bit annoying because to hear the sound of chewing and lip smacking. However, in the near future, it could also be used as a way to detect gum disease!

Previously, our biggest indication that we had gum disease, or better known as periodontitis, was when we brushed our teeth and it would bleed a little bit. Or when we went for a 6-month cleaning and the dental hygienist kindly but firmly told us that we needed to keep up with our flossing.


Gum and Periodontitis

Gum disease can lead to a myriad of nasty things, including heart complications. Therefore, having a way to detect symptoms early is absolutely vital. This is what the researches at Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany are attempting to do. They are developing a chewing gum that doubles as a diagnostic test to pick up inflammation. The idea is that while someone is chewing gum, the gum is exposed to the enzymes in your mouth.

If the gums are currently inflamed, there is a specific protein-degrading enzyme that is present and the chewing gum will pick it up. Once the gum is “activated”, the gum’s flavor will turn bitter, signaling that there is inflammation present in their mouth. This will take less than 5 minutes to detect and will be an early detection method for gum disease.

Having a sound detection and prevention method, will go a long way to getting rid of gum disease and also preventing graver diseases down the line.

It is absolutely necessary to get regular cleanings and to check for periodontitis. Gum disease is quite easy to detect when the checked on by a dentist, and handling it quickly will avoid a myriad of health complications. Perhaps in the near future the detection step can also be done be such methods as the chewing gum being currently developed and will assist to prevent gum disease and tooth loss which results from this.

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