You just moved into a new place, possibly located in another state, one that you’re completely unfamiliar with. It may take you a little while to get used to where everything is, including your job, the best restaurants and stores to shop in. You will need to find doctors… including a dentist.You want to make sure that it’s a good dentist . It’s important that you maintain the habit of seeing one every six months, even in completely new surroundings. Yes, your insurance company may have given you a list of dentists that are in your area, but just randomly picking one there may not be the best option..  So… what can you do?

Setting the Criteria

The first thing is to lay out the criteria of a good dentist. These should include those things which are personally important to you such as location, availability affordability etc. As well there are items that are thought to be universally true regarding a professional. The definition of a professional: “Person formally certified by a professional body belonging to a specific profession by virtue of having completed a required course of studies and/or practice. And whose competence can usually be measured against an established set of standards.”  There are other traits we recognize as the mark of a profession: A) Someone who acts based on study of a situation which he then compares to his general knowledge of the field and decides on the best course of action. B) Someone who is detail oriented in their field and doesn’t overlook any of the elements of his profession while carrying out the functions. C) Can admit to not being certain when that is the case and either studying up on something or referring out if that is the best course of action to get the result. D) Places the result above personal considerations of pride or remuneration E) Is consistent in his behavior including manner, punctuality and personal appearance.

 Word of Mouth

Ask around your area. Perhaps you’ve got family members or friends who have lived in the area and know of a good dentist.  You can show them your list that your insurance company gave you and see if any of them recognizes one of the names. Or just ask for their experience with their dentist. If you happen to see someone in the area who has really good teeth, ask them who their dentist is. It never hurts to tap your inner network of friends and family first before having to to broaden your search. Why is this the first way? First of all, you likely know these people – aside from the stranger with really nice teeth – and you know whether or not to trust their opinion.


So what if word-of-mouth didn’t get you the results that you wanted. That’s fine. Now you need to expand your search. The Internet has so many different options out there that you might at first possibly feel overwhelmed. Check the credentials of your dentist in places like Health or other dental websites which will list out the dentist’s certification and specialties. If you feel satisfied with what you read then go ahead and make an appointment.


 If you were unable to find a definitive answer on the web then there is another option. Explore that same area. Pick a radius that you’d be comfortable traversing to and from for a dentist appointment. Drive around and look. If you see one, call and see if you can meet the dentist. You want to get a feel on how he or she handles themselves. Will it be apparent that they view each patient as a unique person with individual teeth issues or will they seem to just want to go through as many people in one day so they can maximize their profits. Watch how the staff interact around them. Take the time needed – it will pay off in the end.

If you are already seeing a dentist but have considered switching due to convenience, availability or other considerations then the above steps are still the way to go.

Ultimately, you will find a good dentist, which can be worth its weight in gold. The best thing is, you can then rest easy each time you make a new appointment, knowing that your hard work and research ultimately paid off. We are confident that we will be at the top of your search list for a highly qualified and valuable dental practice. Enjoy your new dentist at Dental Specialists of Niles! Call 847-685-6686