”Dental Tourism” outside Niles is more than just a longer trip to the dentist

You can get the best dental treatment in your hometown of Niles

Travelling may be fun, but combining it with dentistry isn’t always. Part of the larger practice of “medical tourism”, “dental tourism” has become popular. With perceived cost savings, it is often considered an option. Standards, however, can vary, as can the results causing additional expense. For those attending a Niles dentist or receiving dental procedures in the greater Chicagoland area, it may be wise to consider all the details before receiving dentistry abroad or keep trips to the dentist, short and local.


What are the advantages of choosing a local, Niles dentist

Outside the obvious advantages of being within your comfort zone, your home area, there are other benefits to seeking dental care locally to the Niles and Chicagoland area. There is a great deal of expertise, collectively, in the area and all of it standardized by the American Dental Association (ADA). Implants, teeth whitening, root canals and even routine oral care are provided by top professionals who keep the highest standards, which are governed by strict guidelines. Such may not be the case abroad.


Is there a downside to Dental Tourism?

Most people insist on the highest standards and levels of expertise for dental, periodontal and other oral procedures. What isn’t as obvious, however, is the fact that the standards set by the ADA only have jurisdiction within US boundaries. This may seem rather obvious, but often goes neglected in pursuit of perceived benefits such as savings or even “killing two birds” with a vacation and a procedure. Issues such as safety and even drug standards should be considered.


Visits to a dentist outside Niles may cost more in the long run

Stories of travel dentistry fiascos abound and often result in costly fixes of faulty work. While it is not 100% of the time, and, whereas there are not a lot of statistics available as to just how many procedures go wrong, any chance something may go awry is something to consider. Often, when procedures go wrong, they require a fix, locally. Longevity of results is key. Defects could take months to surface. Apparent good work for less money is not always the best course.  It does come with some risk.


You Don’t Have To Travel Far From Niles For World Class Dentistry

While gambling on vacation can sometimes be fun, betting on oral health isn’t a case where you want the house to win. Why bet on your health when the odds aren’t necessarily in your favor?

Start with getting checked out by a top professional in the Chicagoland area. At Dental Specialists of Niles a top-trained, dental specialist will assess your case and prescribe and deliver the highest standard of treatment, even in the most routine dental care. Call today for a consultation.  847-665-6686