It is often said we never truly stop learning. Each day, we encounter new challenges and ideas that we must learn to cope with and overcome.

This is very relevant when it comes to the health profession and its practitioners. When one first begins learning a trade,he or she receives basic education and training to perform their skill. However, once they enter their chosen field, they find that there are many new applications and layers of knowledge that they must learn. For instance, dental hygienists must keep up with their continuing education.. While, computer technicians attend conferences and seminars to inform themselves on upcoming coding, software, and other advancements.

And certainly a well rounded dentist is one that keeps learning and continues their education.

Dentists Continuing Their Education

A person pursuing a career in dentistry will attend school for three years to get their General Dentistry Certification. Once that’s completed, they either enter the real world ready to practice or they continue school in an effort to specialize in a certain field.
However, for general dentists, it is still vital that they continue their education once they’ve left school. Particularly, they can explore what are called Continuing Education.

Continuing Education for general dentistry is studying a new body of knowledge that has gone through clinical trials and evidence-based scientific processes that upholds and improves general dentistry. They tend to focus on a condition or method that general dentistry covers and tries to explore it to its limits.

A dentist doesn’t have to take on interest areas, but if they do, they don’t simply take it on as a hobby. They rigorously follow through on it and get accredited by the American Dental Association once they’ve shown competency in this new area.

When your dentist continues on with his or her education, they’re proving that they’re putting their patients’ interests first. They want their patient care to be at the forefront of medical innovation.

In Illinois, the state has now a mandatory continuing education requirements for dentists and dental hygienists. For dentists practicing in Illinois, they must get 48 CE hours in a three-year period.

So when you’re looking for a general dentist, check their credentials. Did they attend their last seminar ten years ago? You might want to skip them.
Dr Anasinski Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago If you would like a highly educated dentist, who is always on the cusp of medical advancements, Doctor Anasinski can be relied on as a dentist who is fully up to date on her knowledge of dentistry as well as her training. In addition she is a Professor of Periodontics and is therefore current with the latest technology in dental implants and periodontics, as well as general dentistry.  Doctor Anasinski also offers programs that are accredited for dentists who need to receive CE credits. These courses are certified by ADA CERP and AGD as a recognized provider. Make an appointment and she’ll be glad to help you with any dental situation you may have. CALL NOW for an appointment or to speak with Dr Anasinski:  847-685-6686