Regular dental visits can save a lot of complications down the road People often wonder why they need to see a dentist regularly, i.e. twice a year. They likely suppose that if they  take care of their own teeth by properly brushing and flossing that they could knock the visits down to once a year or even every other year. Dental visits can be expensive, even with insurance! What they often forget is that having to have emergency surgery on an abscessed tooth or other procedures can be even more expensive. Here’s other reasons why they should see a dentist regularly.

Early Prevention

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, people who were at high-risk for periodontal disease, such as those who smoke or have diabetes – two things that are fairly prevalent in this country, definitely benefited from twice-a-year visits. There were some that even needed to visit more than twice a year to keep everything under control. These regular visits can allow the staff at the dentist’s office to assess the person’s dental history, gauge risk factors and show preventative measures. X-Rays and other scanning techniques can also reveal what’s going on under the surface, something that you won’t see when you’re at home.

Proper Technique

Brushing and flossing your teeth is easy, right? You just need to get each tooth and get whatever food is between your teeth out with the floss. Not necessarily so.  Many people don’t know the proper brushing or flossing motion. This is not a case of “something is better than nothing” since improper brushing technique can cause problems down the road. Your hygienist or dentist can show you the proper way to do both… and help you take care of your teeth when you’re at home. After all, your adult teeth won’t grow back if something happens to them.

Thorough Cleaning

You may think that you’re getting everything when you’re brushing and flossing… and you may be keeping 99% of your teeth and gums clean. Still, that 1% can come back to haunt you if you don’t have a hygienist get in there and completely scrape off everything, since plaque can build up in hard to reach places. Cavities can form in hidden spots. People also tend to neglect the back of the teeth and tartar and plaque can build up there and cause problems not just with teeth but other parts of the body.

Those are just some of the reasons to have regular dental visits.  Fear not, the staff at Dental Specialists of Niles, P.C. will help you take the best care of your teeth so that the dental visits will become routine. They will also have the best treatments for any issues that may have arisen due to infrequent visits before seeing them. Either way, you’re in great hands with them. Call and set an appointment today:  847-685-6686