All on Four Dental Implants Missing Teeth

The worst thing about losing teeth is that it can affect so many areas of your life  – from your self-esteem to the shape of your face to your actual health. When you lose teeth, the last thing you want to do is see people, and it may cause you to become more withdrawn. That can cost you a lot – a possible romance, a job promotion, and many other things. Your face will change shape, with your skin becoming more sunken since there are no teeth to support the jaw area.

All on Four

There is an option that is gaining much popularity over the past few years: All-On-Four Dental Implants, Teeth in a day. You can have a full set of new teeth with four implants in One Day.

One of the great benefits of the All-on-Four Dental Implant is that first of all, it tends to be more economical than placement of individual implants. Second of all, it’s quite time-saving, with it often taking a day to do rather than having to come back in multiple appointments. Also, your face will have more fullness again, since there is something occupying the empty space that had been there before. You can eat the food that you loved before your tooth loss. You’ll also feel much more confident in doing everything from speaking with others to just smiling in general.

When the bone is sufficient to allow same day placement, Dr Anasinski and her team will advise that this be completed. If all on four dental implants are not an option for you there are several other options. One is to stabilize an already existing denture through the use of implants for an Overdenture (a denture snaps onto dental Implants). The difference between an overdenture and a bridge is basically that a denture is removable and is taken out at night and cleaned, whereas a a bridge (the usual prosthetic with a dental implant) is not removable except by the dental professional.

Dentures or Bridges over implants?

The choice of which prosthesis comes down to personal preference as well as cost. The cost of dentures is less than a bridge. Some denture wearers may prefer to stay with this option because it is what they are most comfortable with and rather remove and clean them at night. By being placed over dental implants they can be attached more securely and are less likely to slip out. The advantage of a bridge is greater stability and that they do not need to be taken out and feel as if they are a permanent part of your mouth.

Dr Anasinski is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Illinois and keeps herself and her team continually informed of these procedures by being an integral part of the educational environment as well as her private practice.

Dr. Dorothy Anasinski and her staff at Dental Specialists of Niles are quite skilled when it comes to doing All-on-Four Dental Implants. They will make certain that the entire process proceeds smoothly and will ensure that you have a long-lasting smile that will make you look and feel great. They have extensive training and experience to provide the right dental implant solution for your particular dental situation.