Senior couple with whiter teeth

People in Niles are Seeking Brighter Smiles Through Teeth Whitening

There is nothing that makes you look more radiant and confident than a bright, white smile, which is probably what makes professional teeth whitening one of the most requested dental services this year in the greater Niles and Chicago area. And why not? After all, it is the perfect accessory to any outfit and helps you look and feel amazing, approachable and confident. It is a simple solution to create a drastically-changed image, but what is involved in getting these whitening procedures?

What causes yellowing or discoloration of teeth?

First, it is best to understand the origins of tooth discoloration. The two most popular, among many causes of teeth staining or discoloration, are coffee and smoking. Regardless of the numerous causes, they all boil down to two categories of discoloration: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic simply means tooth enamel getting discolored from external sources such as coffee or cigarettes, while intrinsic would involve the inner structure of the tooth discoloring from various reasons including illnesses, medications and other conditions.

Part and parcel to whitening teeth would involve an address of such problems. And, while quitting smoking won’t, itself, whiten teeth, it will help prevent discoloration once a procedure is done.

Teeth whitening procedures are effective, but how safe are they?

The foremost concern patients tend to have about these procedures is safety of the whitening products themselves, a valid concern indeed. There are many products available for whitening and a great deal of research has been done on safety. While there are many different methods, those administered by a professional tend to be the best. For instance, there is a professional procedure which uses revolutionary oxygen technology and doesn’t require toxic chemicals. Many chemical agents have varying degrees of effectiveness and safety. Consulting a Niles dentist is always a good first start.

At Dental Specialists of Niles, several approaches are taken to give you a smile makeover. First, Dr. Anasinski or one of her expert associates advises patients to avoid or reduce their use of coffee and cigarettes. These are two of the leading causes of stains and dark marks on the teeth. If you already suffer from staining, this can be easily corrected by using revolutionary oxygen technology. Without the use of any harmful chemicals, teeth can be restored using an oxygen tool

A smile makeover with professional teeth whitening is simple!

There is really only one step to making the best choice for a smile makeover and a brighter, whiter, smile: consult a trained professional who knows and is experienced with the most effective, safest teeth whitening procedures and techniques. At Dental Specialists of Niles Dr Anasinski and her staff of trained professionals utilize the latest, fastest, most safe and effective technique utilizing the Zoom whitening system, which uses revolutionary 25% Hydrogen Peroxide light activated gel to make teeth several shades whiter. Coupled with maintenance advice and modest, simple lifestyle changes, a long-term, brighter, whiter smile can adorn all seeking to change their image and look and feel their best. Call 847 -685-6686 today for a consultation to find out what the best option is for your teeth to look their whitest.