Future of Dental Implants, Dental Specialists of Niles What Is A Dental Implant?

Many of us have heard the term dental implant, but are unsure of what this truly means. Dental Implants are defined as prosthetic teeth, which may be necessary due to tooth decay, damage, loss or aesthetic purposes. Modern day implants are made to resemble the natural surrounding teeth, but do not have any negative impact on the teeth surrounding them or other oral structures. In order to qualify as a candidate for dental implants, it is important that the gums are healthy enough to support the base of the implant.

Low Maintenance

One of the biggest reasons that patients choose to have dental implants placed over other forms of prosthetic teeth (for example, dentures) is because they not only look and feel more natural, but are much easier to maintain. Implants remain in the mouth at all times and are never removed. They are cleaned just like regular teeth and do not require special solutions for disinfecting. The anchor and post hold the implant in place and to most it is completely undetectable that the tooth or set of teeth is not natural.

How Do They Work?

Many people choose to have dental implants for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Unlike bridges or dentures, they will not shift or move within the mouth while doing daily activities like eating or speaking. This is because they have the ability to fuse with your mandible and provide very stable support. Implants can typically last well over fifteen years, if cared for properly. Regular dental visits are important to ensure that you are keeping up with the hygiene of your implants and that they are well in tact.

With today’s modern technology, Dental Implants will allow you to enjoy your life without worrying about cracking teeth, pain or discomfort while eating or changes in speech. Call or visit Dental Specialists of Niles today at https://dentalspecialistsofniles.com/ to schedule your dental implant consultation today!

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