Many people in the Chicagoland community have heard the expression that your eyes are windows into your soul.  Well did you know that your mouth can be considered a window into your overall health? Proper oral hygiene and upkeep can not only prevent tooth decay, plaque and gum disease, but can also be a great way to maintain your overall health and wellness.

More Than Just Bad Breath

A healthy mouth can lead to a healthy body We all want to look and feel our very best.  Practicing and maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine can prevent unsightly stains on the teeth, chronic halitosis (or bad breath) and gingivitis.  Although these all fall into the category of dental issues, they can all develop very quickly into pathology which can spread throughout the body.  For example, a simple nerve root of a tooth can become severely infected if not cared for, which can lead to infection, or sepsis, within the body.

Studies show that there is a direct correlation between adult health (levels of nutrients determined by bloodwork, lack or chronic or acute disease) and oral maintenance.  Those who visit the dentist for their biannual checkups and cleanings have a great shot of diagnosing and identifying any issues within the mouth and having them treated right away, before they develop into a more involved issue.  Many people fear the dental chair, but the reality is that just like you would visit your primary care physician for an annual checkup and blood work, visiting the dentist is preventative medicine too.

Spit And Saliva?

It is not common that your dentist will ask for any blood work or lab exams, however, there is a bodily fluid which dentists and internists alike examine: your saliva.  The saliva can determine a variety of different factors, such your cortisol (or stress) levels and even certain proteins.  Even certain signs of cancer, cardiac conditions, diabetes and HIV can be traced through the saliva.  In many cases, patients who suffer from these underlying illnesses may undergo regular screenings, to ensure that the bacteria and fungus naturally found within the mouth does not grow beyond acceptable limits, as this may cause complications such as oral thrush (Yeast Infection).

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